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Communication is Key for Executive Interview Success

Interview success in any field requires the demonstration of a most important skill – communication. Whether your expertise lies in leading teams, behavioral therapy, selling to clients, or building a successful marketing campaign, possessing the natural ability to communicate is imperative for both career and interview success. Executives understand that communication is the primary vehicle for […]

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3 Ways to Put Your Skills To Work For Job Satisfaction

According to the Society of Human Resources Management Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, employees are more satisfied when they have regular opportunities to utilize their skills at work. In fact, 63% of respondents put this at the top of their list for job satisfaction over compensation and pay. Project ownership, organizational contribution and work […]

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A Philadelphia Story – Leveraging Your Brand For Career Success

The comparison struck me. “What do you think?” I asked my client. “I love it.” Her enthusiastic reply was quickly followed with details reinforcing her evident flattery at being compared to Katherine Hepburn. “I love donning crisp wool trousers, a silk blouse and pearls and wielding my Monte Blanc pen. It’s who I am.” My […]

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Do You Have the “Crazy Gene”? Channel It Toward Career Success

“Crazy” may be the latest and greatest when comes to leveraging career success beyond the norm. If you’re a skilled and savvy leader set on revitalizing a division, organization or brand, or maybe a creative marketing guru with blooming with ideas then perhaps you’re genetically predisposed to success. “Crazy,” of course, conjures up many definitions, […]

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“Shhh, I’m Looking for a New Job” – 8 Tips for Discreet Networking

When it comes to finding a new position, there are distinct advantages to being gainfully employed. For one, your skills are in demand, being utilized and you have a proven track record. But when it’s time to change careers, how do you network for a new position without clueing everyone in? Here are a few […]

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10 Tips for Networking Rehabilitation

The word “networking” can make many cringe. Somewhere along the line, this vital process in career advancement garnered a tainted reputation, a few battle scars, and an unjustifiably abused moniker. Perhaps, it stems from those who’ve misused networking to gain unfair advantages in their graceless quest to climb the corporate ladder. Or maybe networking’s a […]

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Executive Resume: C-Level Style

When working with executives on their career portfolio, I always ask for their target company. At the C level (or equivalent), resumes are typically submitted only by request, or through a thought leader’s savvy negotiation. Therefore catering the document to reflect the organizational style will not only ensure a great fit, but a strong understanding […]

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Diffuse Angry Birds!

There will always be people in the workplace with a bad, bad attitude. Let’s call them Angry Birds! Now that we’ve named them, what do we do about them? Many clients I work with are hoping to change careers solely because they want to flee an Angry Bird. What a shame. To feel you must […]

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