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Career Happiness: Making Your Work Meaningful

A recent journal article in the APA’s Monitor on Psychology discussed the importance of making your work meaningful. Based on the research, psychologists discovered what makes work meaningful is much more than titles or money. Rather, the secret to career happiness lies in how one’s work contributes to the overall good of the organization and community. According […]

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Is Your Boss Derailing Your Career Happiness?

Many success-minded professionals are challenged by a boss who’s controlling, limiting, boorish, clingy or even taking credit for their good work. Unfortunately, this is more common than not. So what should you do when your boss is derailing your career happiness? Change. Yes change! You need to make some serious changes in order to cultivate […]

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Working Relationships: Three Rules for Working Well Together

In a typical work environment, comprised of cubed work stations, a min-kitchen, shared facilities and limited resources, people can quickly grow surly when pressure elevates. Though conflicts may arise and personalities will clash, agreeing to disagree may be the best course of action. Good working relationships are not only important in reducing turnover and increasing […]

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