The Year of a Mindful Career: Shiny Object Syndrome

I am an expert at getting distracted by “shiny object syndrome.” Emails, phone calls, webinars, articles and conversations are just a few of the things that pull me away from what I need to do.

I also know that to be effectively helpful to work with my clients, it’s extremely important to fully understand many of their obstacles. It’s also kind of a requirement that you’ve overcome many of them. One that I’ve experienced, and still battle with, is “shiny object syndrome.”

I’m on my path to curing myself from this syndrome. I’ve also discovered that it takes professional help. My coach is very good about assisting me with this, as I’m also helpful to my clients with the same struggles.

There are many other “prescriptions” for this syndrome (wink).

I have a few and I’d like to help you if you suffer from this.

Are you able to focus? Are you able to turn away from the shiny objects in your life when you need to? How can I help?

 Personal Challenge: How can we work together to help you overcome “shiny object syndrome?”

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