The Year of the Mindful Career: If You Want It, You’ve Got To Go For It

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. So I’m up and running and yes, making mistakes along the way. Call it a “Hail Mary” if you want, but at least I’m going for it.

I refuse to let my clients be benched, either.

Now I’m not suggesting running out to the 50-yard-line, face painted, belly bared. I’m talking about getting off the bench and into the game.

There are so many “observers,” not “doers,” out there. And this is a huge shame. I realize that there are times when we should be observers, but if we want something we need to go for it. You want the sale? Then get your nineteen “No’s.” You want to be heard? Then walk up to the podium.

We all want something, but if we’re too afraid to ask or show up rested, suited up and ready to go, then what’s the point?

Fear of success, failure, looking foolish or not fitting in are the biggest reasons that we don’t go for it. Perhaps you’ve tried and someone sniped at you, criticized you or rolled their eyes and you quit half way.

I don’t think any star quarterback would just sit down at the first sight of a tackle’s bared teeth. So, why should you?

If you want the touchdown you’ve got to run the play. You might get sacked once or twice, but winners get back up and keep on going.

Please don’t let other’s “opinions” or your own perceptions stand in your way of achieving your goals.

If you want it, you’ve got to go for it!

Personal Challenge: What will you go for? 

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