Three Tips to Help Heal The Toxic Employee

Any employee with whom you have an ongoing challenge may be seen as a toxic employee. They could be underperforming, provoking, blaming, scheming or frequently absent or bitter, to name a few challenges. Don’t ignore the signs. It’s often a cry for help. Here are three ways you can help them heal:

  1. Listen to them. Sit them down and ask them about their goals and challenges and how you may be able to help them succeed. They may be performance challenged and the fear of this admission is causing them (and you) undue anxiety.
  2. Be a better boss (or colleague). Don’t add fuel to the fire by gossiping or ostracizing them. Find ways to include them and also recognize and reward them for good behaviors.
  3. Earn their respect. Be honest with them and tell them the hard truths when needed. Truthfulness earns trust and respect and while it’s not always easy, it’s the right thing to do for them, the team and for you.

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