Two Things Everyone Wants to Know When Networking

Over 70% of career opportunities result from networking. Over 73% of promotions result from establishing a strong connection with the decision maker.

The fact is, you need to network in order to grow your career! But if networking seems disingenuous or discomforting in anyway, it’s time to change your approach. Start with the basics:

Two things that everyone wants to know when networking:

  1. Do I like this person?
  2. Does this person have something I need or could they help me (or my company) in anyway?

Upon meeting someone at a professional networking event, if you can’t confidently respond “Yes” to both queries, the conversation is probably over.

So now flip the tables. How can you ensure the person that you meet will feel as positive about you? What do you need to say and how do you need to behave in order to ensure your networking is a success?

My clients know how to successfully network and present themselves as an opportunity rather than a project or pest. What about you? Mindfully consider how you present yourself when networking. If you’ve struggled, or if you’ve historically avoided networking because of your fear of these mental queries, let’s turn this around.

I want to help you take the “work” out of networking and be able to confidently, authentically and easily make networking work for you!

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