Understand How Employee Engagement and Performance Go Hand In Hand

Employee engagement isn’t all about fun and exciting promotions to get employees vested in the organization and its bottom line. It’s about understanding what motivates employees to feel vested in the organization and then helping to support that ongoing motivation.

I don’t want to simplify the definition of employee engagement, nor am I claiming to be an expert. But I do know that the bulk of my work within organizations is all about employee engagement, including helping them actively answer the following questions:

  1. How can they be happier at work?
  2. How does the work they do make a positive difference?
  3. How can they continue to advance their careers?
  4. What do they want from their employer and what can they do to earn it?

When an employee doesn’t seem engaged and moves to disrespect it may often be that they haven’t had the chance to flesh out the answers to these questions with their coach. They may also feel they are alone with their own personal challenges, including:

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Misunderstanding their role
  3. Lack of understanding of expectations
  4. Fear of asking for help
  5. Lack of self-awareness
  6. Boredom and working under their capabilities
  7. Forgetfulness
  8. Misalignment with their own goals or the organization’s mission
  9. Illness and personal distraction

What can happen if these items are unearthed in coaching is what is often called “disengagement” and, guess what? It doesn’t take long for disengagement to lead to leaving.

Providing coaching and communication support goes far to diminish disrespect and increase engagement.

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How to Be Happy? Understand How Employee Engagement and Performance Go Hand In Hand.

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