Video Killed the Interview Star

It’s true. Video interviews are all the rage. You better be ready to perfect your presence the next time you’re in a job search. You may have already experienced some form of video interview and felt a flutter of nerves because, in addition to the pressure to deliver great answers, you had to worry about technology, timing, body language, projecting through a screen and oh, yeah, the occasional dog bark from somewhere in the house.

My clients have the opportunity to perfect their video interviewing skills (and set up a success strategy) as they prepare for a smooth transition. It’s important that they are ready and rehearsed and don’t try to wing this.

If you’re ready to “kill it” in a video interview, remember, there’s much more than tossing a suit coat over a t-shirt and flashing a big smile.

Lights, camera, action… Are you ready to roll?

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