Will Your Resume Land You Your Dream Job?

Nope. You still need you. A resume may open doors, and a great resume may get you an interview, but you can’t sit behind the computer and expect big results.

You need to be ready to walk the walk that’s illustrated so positively in your resume.

Have you ever seen an advertisement that convinces you to buy the product only to be disappointed? I’ve done this many times, wondering what compelled me to buy this in the first place. Sometimes the company turns me off when the product is less than promised.

A resume is a great advertising tool for you—the product! But if your networking, interviewing and negotiation performance is a letdown, you both lose.

I know you’re great. You know you’re great. Let’s work together to create a great “ad” (resume) and polish up an amazing presence (your approach) so that you feel confident from the get go.

Don’t hide behind your resume. Come on out and be a star! 

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