Three Rules for Working Well Together

In a typical work environment, comprised of cubed work stations, a min-kitchen, shared facilities and limited resources, people can quickly grow surly when pressure elevates. Though conflicts may arise and personalities will clash, agreeing to disagree may be the best course of action.

Good working relationships are not only important in reducing turnover and increasing productivity but can be significant in transitioning a long workday into an enjoyable and meaningful experience. An Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report published by the Society of Human Resources Professionals found that 79% employees reported relationships with co-workers as one of the top five aspects contributing to employee engagement.

With relationships marked as such a high employee priority, establishing a few ground rules may go far in ensuring teams work well together.

1. Embrace Individuality. Everyone brings to work a unique set of likes, dislikes, perceptions and behaviors. Though it would be ideal, or at the very least interesting, if we all were cut from the same cloth, it simply isn’t so. We need to remember that the very reason organizations are so successful in the first place is due to the multitude of personalities that built them. Continually exploring new ways to leverage each individual’s unique characteristics, traits and strengths, is meaningful professional development opportunity. When you take the time to recognize and understand other’s gifts, it will go a long way in building a healthier work environment.

2. Respect Others. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “respect” as a feeling of admiration. Discerning what is good in others and admiring them for their value drives employee satisfaction. Everyone craves respect and recognition and it won’t take a grand gesture to grant it. By acknowledging others needs, offering assistance and giving people space to function effectively without constant interruption, are a few respectful ways to build positive rapport. When conflict arises, and it will, it’s imperative that all opinions are shared and respected in order to reach an agreement. Harmony in the workplace can only occur when everyone feels that they matter.

3. Listen More. Listening is one of the most coveted ways one can work well together. Taking the time to listen and consider others perspectives, opinions and ideas can be as simple as putting down the phone and giving a colleague your full attention; this kind act of selflessness can go a long way in developing strong working relationships. Time is precious, but it can be even more costly when we don’t forgo a brief moment to fully listen to what others are saying. Everyone deserves to be heard and it only takes one small voice to generate big ideas. This is what drives organizational effectiveness and builds strong and cohesive teams.

How To Be Career Happy? Work On Working Well Together 

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