The Year of a Mindful Career: 30-Minute Sprints

I’ve been working hard to be more mindful. One of my big intentions is to cultivate the habit of focus. For me this means truly being present in the moment and giving my full attention to the person or task before me.

In a world where we are bombarded by distractions, this isn’t easy. Probably because we are slowly (or quickly) being conditioned to desire a frantic pace and distracted environment.

Pause for a deep breath. Why? Because just writing about such a frenetic lifestyle sends the heart racing.

Again, a deep breath.

So one of the ways I’ve been cultivating the habit of focus is through 30-minute sprints. While I’d like to say I’m out running these all day long, I’m not. What I am doing, however, is setting a time and working on projects in 30-minute intervals with no distractions.

I’m not pausing every five minutes to look at my clock, email or text feed. Nor am I getting up and pacing, talking to others (or distracting others) or jumping onto social media.

This isn’t easy. But it’s working. I’m getting stronger, more focused and seeing results every day.

Personal Challenge: Try a day full of 30-minute sprints.

Learn more about the Year of a Mindful Career. 

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