The Year of a Mindful Career: Brain Detox

Did you know that being silent helps detox your brain? During meditation, or periods of intentional quiet and rest, we not only experience a heightened sense of calm and empathy, but also actually grow our prefrontal cortex. That’s right. Our brains get clear and regrow cells as we detox them.

Noise strains the brain. So does constant stimulation from technology (texts, tweets, talks, etc.). Try a little silence. You will be healthier and happier when you unplug and shut down for intentional periods throughout the day.

But there’s also another measure that helps. Listening to music. You’re not only stimulated by the memories that songs invoke, but also the rhythmic pulse emenating throughout the tune. Just lean back and chill once in a while. Take a well deserved brain detox from your work. Listen to music or enjoy the silence. You’ll feel the benefits today and tomorrow.

Personal Challenge: Try an hour or two of brain detoxing today.

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