The Year of a Mindful Career: Build Your Leadership Muscles

When you exercise, you build muscles. It’s not always easy, lifting weights and doing cardio work, but there are huge benefits including survival.

The same can be said about leadership. Whether you manage a team or are a leader in your own career, you need to exercise and build your leadership muscles.

I have a client who wants to be seen as an effective leader. To do so, she needs to build her leadership muscles by exercising leadership actions. For example, she wanted to be seen more as a leader in meetings. So, she decided that in meetings she would sit up and speak up to ensure she has a voice.

This wasn’t a habit of hers. Now, it is. She’s also finding new ways to exercise her leadership muscles, including participating in leadership events and improving her communication and personal style.

Building leadership muscles takes work and dedication. If you want to be seen as a leader then start exercising your leadership muscles today.

Personal Challenge: Don’t assume others see you as a leader. Dedicate yourself to exercising your leadership muscles starting today.

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