The Year of a Mindful Career: Desktop Zen Garden?

They’re not just for decoration. Nor are they designed to give the impression that you’ve got it all mastered and you’re now a “Zen God or Goddess.”

What the heck are these boxes of sand all about?

I’ll tell you—mindfulness!

Yup. They help you stop, meditate and focus on the present. It’s a tool or a sanctuary—take your pick. Regardless of how you refer to it, these little stinkers do work. They also help you develop a sense of creativity, discipline and appreciation of beauty. Isn’t that interesting?

You also don’t have to buy one; you can make your own.

Okay, so you’ve logged onto a site where you want to advance your career and all I’m talking about is Zen Gardens. I’m not crazy, nor am I off topic. You can’t master your destiny without creativity, discipline and focus. And if you’re not going to meditate to help you cultivate these skills, then try a Zen Garden.

Yes, you heard me. This little box may be the key to your career success!

Personal Challenge: Visit a desktop Zen Garden.

Learn more about the Year of a Mindful Career.

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