The Year of a Mindful Career: Exploring Restlessness In Your Career

We all feel restless on occasion. This also occurs in our careers. As someone who has shiny object syndrome, trust me, this is a common struggle for me.

I’m finding that mindfulness meditation helps me manage my restless mind. It’s more challenging to do so on a super busy day, but I’m learning.

I’m finding little talismans work well in reminding me to come back to center from a restless state.

But I also know that restlessness is a good indicator that change is necessary.

Are you restless?

Are you considering a change?

Meditate on this and when you feel you’re ready to walk into the light, take the first step.

Personal Challenge: Are you experiencing a restless mind? What change needs to happen? If you’re concerned about making this change, let’s talk. Coaching is all about helping you make positive changes in your life and your career. You’re not in it alone.

Learn more about The Year of a Mindful Career.

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