The Year of a Mindful Career: Flow

As a certified yoga practitioner (RYT), I understand the importance of flow. If we don’t invite our bodies (and minds) to flow freely and in new ways, we often become stuck. This limits our potential and energy.

What places are stuck within you or need more energy to move through them?

Perhaps flow is what is missing in your day and in your life. Take time to move and think freely. Jot down ideas as they flow through you without forcing them into order.

Move your body freely and see where it needs to be revitalized and worked.

Routine is good. It’s comforting. But if we don’t take time on occasion to really let go and flow, we will never move forward.

Personal Challenge: Take an hour to move and think freely. Turn on music. Sit and meditate and capture your thoughts. What have you observed? Any new insights into your career and life? What’s the next step? I’m here to help.

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