The Year of a Mindful Career: Goodies Galore

“Giving is mindfulness in practice for both the recipient and the giver.”

I love creating resources for my clients. After each coaching session, I send them tried and tested goodies galore, books, manuals, tip sheets, etc. It’s fun creating them and, more importantly, I want them to have all the resources they need to excel in their career endeavors.

I just finished creating a jam-packed interview success package that my current clients will truly benefit from. I like to do this because I also like to receive these resources from others and when they are personalized and proprietary, you know they’re impactful and special.

“Thanks for the resources. I really gained a lot from your recent resume pack and coupled with our coaching session, am fired up to employ what I know. You really care.”

This was a wonderful note that I received from a client when it suddenly struck me that I was having so much fun designing these resources that it didn’t seem like work at all. It’s like trick-or-treating and getting goodies galore. You love them and want to sift through and find the pearls. It’s fun to be creative, especially when you can create to give.

I receive beautiful handcrafted note cards from my sister-in-law and art from my nieces and nephews. It’s like trick-or-treat all over again. This time, I’m getting all the goodies galore.

Personal Challenge: What can you “treat” someone with this week? A little note on their desk, an inspiring article or a bag of M&M’s?

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