The Year of a Mindful Career: Mindful To-Do Lists

They’re awesome. I love my to-do lists. Especially the feeling of crossing each item off as I complete the task. But am I too task oriented, all goal and no journey? If so, that’s the antithesis of mindfulness.

What happens on the journey? What’s the experience? Even if it’s simply taking out the trash or responding to an email, there’s a little journey in the process.

That journey is a few minutes of our entire life. When you add up the to-do list minutes you might find it takes up eight hours of your day. Who wants to race through that?

Slow it down. Appreciate the to-do and the journey you take to complete each task. Did you take out the garbage and enjoy the breath of fresh air, a “hello” from a neighbor or a song from a bird? Or was it just a drop and dash?

Personal Challenge: Make and employ a mindful to-do list. What happens on the journey? What’s the experience?

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