The Year of a Mindful Career: Nirvana

As we move through the practice of mindfulness we move closer to nirvana—the state of transcendence where there is neither pain nor suffering, want nor loneliness. It’s a beautiful goal.

I think about my own personal mindfulness journey and wonder why I don’t think about nirvana more often. As I reflect on this gracious state, I wonder why I would ever add more things to my life that would cause me pain and suffering, want or loss. This can come in the form of belongings, conversations, relationships, food, behaviors, etc. Sometimes at the moment that I take on this baggage, I don’t realize the long-lasting detrimental effects.

If I think about nirvana before I choose, it may bring me closer to it in the long run. So I’ll ask myself beforehand, will this pull me closer to or further away from pain, suffering, want or loneliness. Then I can better make the right choices for me. This will not be easy, but I will try. Will you?

Personal Challenge: What is your nirvana like? How are you building on it each day? 

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