The Year of a Mindful Career: No Smile? No Worry

 “I love smiling. Smiling’s my favorite.” –Will Ferrell, Elf

Hey, I like smiling, too. When I smile, I feel good inside and I believe it carries over to others. When others smile, I smile, too. And so goes the cycle.

But you don’t always have to smile to be a happy person. Sometimes the smile is on the inside.

Happiness doesn’t always mean a big smile.

For some, it can mean inner contentment. Don’t feel pressured to act in a certain way. Just be you. If you’re happy inside, it will resonate outside.

No smile? No worry. Just continue to radiate happiness!

Personal Challenge: Be happy on the inside. Watch how many people will notice on the outside. And watch the clip below. I bet you’ll be smiling before it’s over.

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