The Year of a Mindful Career: Nourish Your Brain

Quieting all the mind chatter can actually nourish our brains. This mindfulness knowledge is one of the guiding principles on how mindfulness works and brings us many benefits including increased health and productivity. But hushing our brains is quite hard as the brain is designed to think. It works overtime thinking about breathing, pumping our heart, moving our limbs and warning us of impending danger.

What we are striving to do is nourish our brains by controlling and quieting the non-relevant chatter. This is the stuff that we don’t need at the moment. For example, we don’t need to stew about an upcoming medical appointment because that won’t positivity change the outcome. We don’t need to ruminate on a mistake that we made a month ago. We don’t need to worry about whether we will get all of the items checked off of our to-do list today.

Instead, we want to nourish our brains with quiet contemplation, 5-20 minutes at a time. It’s like giving your joints a rest after running. Everything and everyone needs a little R&R. I guess our brains do, too!

Personal Challenge: What will you do to nourish your brain today? Journal about it.

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