The Year of a Mindful Career: Practice

“Only through practice do you attain the fruits of the journey.”

This is a powerful quote that I captured years ago when I was training for my yoga certification. I love this because it reminds us of the power of practice.

Whether you’re set on being the best litigator in the courtroom, realtor in the district, advisor at a university or stock trader on the floor—practice is key. Only through practice will you attain the fruits of the journey.

These fruits can come in the form of an epiphany or a lesson, or you might find that you sharpen your skills even more. No one walks into a room an expert. It takes practice.

Mindfulness can help you with practice. It can teach you how to cut out the clutter and focus on the moment of practice. Don’t worry about tomorrow or what will follow; focus on what you’re doing now. This is how you grow your career.

Personal Challenge: Bring all your mind, body and spirit to your practice.

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