The Year of a Mindful Career: Prada over Profession

This may seem like a strange commentary on mindfulness, but hear me out.

Recently, I spoke with a potential client who desperately needs help with career transition. She needs a new resume, plan, guidance and, well, a career coach.

She also told me she is contemplating reallocating the money she would spend on career coaching to a designer purse.

While the small financial contribution of coaching will help her launch an amazing career, she eventually decided against it. She opted against the minuscule investment in a lifetime of success, confidence and numerous deliverables, including a personally branded-resume (which typically costs up to $800—not the resumes produced by cheap template mills).

She chose Prada over profession.

Okay, it’s her choice. But if we are truly mindful, should we turn to “stuff” to make us feel better about ourselves and help us live a healthy and successful life? Probably not. Hey, we all do this from time to time. (Guilty.) But wow, I would choose coaching any day because I see how it positively affects me every day and each of the days in my lifetime.

Fashion is fleeting. But an amazing profession is sustainable and brings you a lifetime of personal and professional success.

 Personal Challenge: What do you choose, temporary or long-term fulfillment?

Learn more about the Year of a Mindful Career.

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