The Year of a Mindful Career: Redirect Your Wandering Mind (and Career)

I often hear people lament about not having a career plan. As your goal-focused coach, I’m here to tell you that’s okay. Yup. It’s okay to wander down a path towards the unknown then gently redirect your steps as you go.

This is a mindfulness career journey.

Of course, you should have a career purpose and some goals. These will evolve but these are the steps to help you move forward. When you do, you’ll get clarity each step of the way. I’m always here to help you unearth these.

Just know that it’s okay to wander. You’re only human. As in meditation, don’t be harsh on yourself. Instead, if your mind wanders into planning or daydreaming, gently redirect it back to the present.

Personal Challenge: Set goals. Take steps. If you get off course, then gently redirect your wandering mind (and career) back to your purpose path.

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