The Year of a Mindful Career: The Root of Workplace Conflict

Internal fighting, meaningless meetings, gossip and turf wars are just a few of the roots of workplace conflict.

If we know it exists then why does it continue?

Two reasons: We lack the skills and the confidence to address it and we’re afraid to confront it. So we continue on with the pattern or look the other way when it grows around us.

Being mindful of conflict is half the battle. Learning how to address it and prevent it is the second. It takes work and patience, but when you have the skills to do so, your work life and career will change for the better.

Mindfulness can help with this process, as it challenges us to pause and look at what’s happening around us without judgement. It also provides a space to reflect on what is happening inside. How are we contributing to conflict? Why are we choosing to ignore it?

Are you interested in building your conflict prevention skills? Then try a little

Awareness is powerful.

Personal Challenge: Start your conflict prevention skill development with some mindfulness practice and see what happens.

Learn more about the Year of a Mindful Career. 

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