The Year of a Mindful Career: Three Ways To Embrace Unselfconsciousness

Have you ever sang in the shower or danced around your house? Sure you have. This is unselfconsciousness. What about wearing that daring outfit to work or speaking your mind in a meeting? This is also unselfconsciousness.

Despite what we may think, the world isn’t watching and waiting for us to make fools of ourselves. If it is, then you’re in the wrong world. Hey, let’s be frank. The sun doesn’t revolve around us nor are there hordes of paparazzi hiding in our hedges. So why do we worry so much about what others may think?

What if we gently moved away from this kind of thinking toward unselfconsciousness? Then we would be truly on a journey to mindfulness. If you’re ready, here’s how to begin:

  1. Be a leader. Are you the person who’s said, “Go ahead and speak your mind. I’m behind you all the way?” Well, it’s time to get out from behind and stand in front. Be the leader that you are by moving past conformity and on to opportunity.
  2. Be aware. The experiences that you are feeling are to be celebrated and explored rather than repressed. Savoring the moment and being present in your feelings and experiences will help you decrease your stress and worry and cultivate more joy.
  3. Be brave. Mindful folks believe they are part of a shared Universe with a common world and common purpose. If you’re open to this idea then you realize that everyone is pulling for you to succeed and not to fail. Quit worrying about social conformity and start embracing your uniqueness, moods and passions.

Personal Challenge: Embrace unselfconsciousness.

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