The Year of a Mindful Career: Visualization

Those who recently attended my program on productivity heard me relay my experience with visualization. While I truly believe it’s a powerful tool for career, life and health success, we too often limit our visualization because it seems like wasted daydreaming.

So wrong.

Experts know this is the key to success. Millionaires and billionaires, like Andrew Carnegie, touted the benefits of visualization in order to make their dreams of wealth a reality.

While that may not be your goal, you may want to accomplish a task that’s been weighing on your mind. Visualization works. I used this technique to break through my own personal challenge on a menial, but daunting task to achieve great results.

Now it’s your turn.

What is in store for you in your career next year? Let’s set the dream in motion.

Personal Challenge: How can you use visualization today? If you took a moment to visualize your career in the future, what would you see? Are you ready to get started?

Learn more about The Year of a Mindful Career.

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