The Year of a Mindful Career: Wasting Time

I recently facilitated a program on productivity. As a coach, I’m well aware of how important time management is to our career success. But as a student of mindfulness, I’m also keenly aware of how wasting time isn’t always a waste of time.

To illustrate, last night I ran some errands and while I was waiting in line at the register, I spied a Word Search puzzle book. You know those little paper books that are often used to keep kids busy in the backseat on a long trip (before in-car video systems and cell phones).

So I bought one. I spent an hour last night “wasting time” looking for silly words in this silly game.

Oh the fun I had. I was in a better mood. I stayed away from the television and refrigerator and I challenged my mind in a new way (proven to increase healthy longevity).

Okay, so wasting time wasn’t really wasting time after all. I got a good night’s sleep. I woke rested and refreshed and ready to tackle my most important tasks. Now that’s being mindful!

Personal Challenge: Try a little time wasting today. 

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