The Year of a Mindful Career: What’s More Impressive, Where You Work or Who You Are?

What a loaded question. Still, our answers may be vastly different.

The fact is, sometimes people are more impressed with where one works rather than who they are. How sad.

While working at a great company often indicates a high level of achievement and that a person probably accomplished some pretty amazing things in order for that company to hire them, it doesn’t always mean that they are better than everyone else (although sometimes we can act like it).

Unfortunately, it can be just the opposite—rich title, poor attitude.

It’s “who” you are that really counts in the long run. Yes, the combination of experience, skills, talent and achievements really matter. But even more important than all of this is character.

Who you are is defined by how you act. Sure, you may work at the biggest company and have the most impressive title, but if you’re not admired, well, you may be missing out on a lot in life.

We’re all in awe of great credentials, but the most impressive of all (and the most promotable) are character credentials. After all, a career is temporary. A reputation is forever.

Personal Challenge: Let’s reflect on who we are this week. Is our best light shining through?

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