The Year of a Mindful Career: Is It Worth It?

As I grow older I am asking myself this question more often: Is it worth it? I want to be sure that when I commit to something there will be a positive outcome.

This doesn’t necessarily mean for me.

I want to know that if I engage in activity or process, there will be benefits. This always rings true when volunteering.

But what about work commitments?

I am learning to say “no” if neither party will benefit. I’ve declined projects and coaching engagements when I’ve needed to because I wouldn’t be able to give 110% or would see little ROI. And I’m okay with that. I want to always put my best forward and if I can’t, then it’s not worth it.

Don’t say “yes” because you feel obligated or simply because you struggle with saying “no.” Ask yourself if it’s worth the time, energy, expense and investment so that both parties will benefit.

Don’t assume. Instead, ask “Is it worth it?” 

Personal Challenge: Ask “Is it worth it?” before each engagement. If others will benefit, then it will definitely be worth it for you.

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