Year of a Mindful Career: Complaining Catharsis

It feels good to vent. Get things off your chest and blow off some steam. No one is an exception when it comes to complaining.

But how and where are you venting?

Is it too much? Too often?

Are you building a reputation as a complainer?

I’ve learned over the years to rely only on family and dear friends. Yes, they support me when I need to get things off my chest, and I support and listen to them, too. But, there is a fine line between a complaint catharsis and being a complainer.

Woe is the person who complains in the workplace because they will be labeled as a complainer. Reflect and ask for feedback. Even if you think you’re not complaining all the time, others may disagree. Complaining gets you nowhere and it will certainly derail your reputation and career.

Find your safe space for blowing off steam. Just a little mind you. Because you don’t want to be labeled as a complainer.

 Personal Challenge: Be mindful of complaining.

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