Archive | July, 2016

The Year of a Mindful Career: Vision and Opposition

When you follow your vision, you’ll encounter opposition. This is often a sign that success is right around the corner. Sure, you can avoid opposition by doing nothing, but then you wouldn’t be executing a vision. If you want to succeed, you’ll face roadblocks, hurdles, competitors and opposition. There are solutions to overcome them all—welcome […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: The Mind of the Accomplished

I’m always interested in neurology and how the brain works to motivate us and help us achieve great things in our career and life. Recently, I came across a study at the University of Chicago where three groups of participants were asked to perform basketball foul shots. After a collective low number baseline performance, the […]

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The Year of a Mindful Career: Nirvana

As we move through the practice of mindfulness we move closer to nirvana—the state of transcendence where there is neither pain nor suffering, want nor loneliness. It’s a beautiful goal. I think about my own personal mindfulness journey and wonder why I don’t think about nirvana more often. As I reflect on this gracious state, […]

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