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Bust Career Boredom

More often than not, my clients come to me because they are sincerely interested in realizing their full potential. They want more out of their careers and life and rightfully deserve more. They may feel discontented, frustrated, bored and even slighted in their current career. They want more. Perhaps you’re one of those who wants […]

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Employ Some Purely Positive Intentions

“Your entire life is what you have imagined it to be. Everything you have or don’t have, every situation and circumstance of your life is what you have imagined it to be. The problem is that many people imagine the worst! They’re turning the most wonderful tool against themselves.” – Rhonda Byrne A woman who […]

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Employ Your Leadership Strengths Every Day

While I don’t write much on leadership, most of my clients are in leadership positions. Still, while they may be executives, leadership means much more than simply a title. If you are taking charge of your career and manage projects and push forward initiatives, then you are a leader. Read You Don’t Need a Title […]

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