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Looking For A Career Test To Help You Plan Your Future?

Assessments (otherwise known as “career tests”) are certainly great ways to unearth your interests and help identify your skills, strengths and career-related orientations, but unfortunately they are often misused. There are typically two reasons for this: Either an assessment is interpreted by an untrained professional who’s not certified in the application; or the recipient depends […]

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What Your Personal Brand Says About You

When you think about your brand, what do you visualize? A consummate professional? A wise mentor? A dedicated employee? A motivational inspiration? Or someone who needs a few professional touch-ups? A personal brand is loosely defined as that rare combination of strengths, talents, abilities, experiences, style, and image that sum you up. It’s what people […]

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Is Time Creating Conflict?

Believe it or not, I often coach with individuals who are in conflict over time. No, not what you might think—not enough time, pending deadlines or overwhelming demands on their time. Rather, the conflict stems from clock watching. In other words… “If I don’t see you, then you’re not working.” This statement, shared with me […]

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