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Disruptive or Destructive? Don’t Lose Sight of Professionalism

I recently listened to a “disrupting” speaker, whom I found insightful and thought-provoking. However, despite the riveting program, I couldn’t shake the tone of some of the attention-grabbing commentary. This expert in his field continuously insulted those in the helping profession. “Who needs a therapist?” he queried and “What the heck is a life coach, […]

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Looking For A Career Test To Help You Plan Your Future?

Assessments (otherwise known as “career tests”) are certainly great ways to unearth your interests and help identify your skills, strengths and career-related orientations, but unfortunately they are often misused. There are typically two reasons for this: Either an assessment is interpreted by an untrained professional who’s not certified in the application; or the recipient depends […]

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What Your Personal Brand Says About You

When you think about your brand, what do you visualize? A consummate professional? A wise mentor? A dedicated employee? A motivational inspiration? Or someone who needs a few professional touch-ups? A personal brand is loosely defined as that rare combination of strengths, talents, abilities, experiences, style, and image that sum you up. It’s what people […]

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