Make Your Career Dream A Reality

Those who pursue what interests them and what they are passionate about are envied by all! This could be you, of course, but it’s not about being envied. It’s about being happy and doing what makes you feel fulfilled. This doesn’t have to mean starting over. It could mean taking your dream and reconstructing it so it serves you physically, emotionally and financially.

Many people believe that what they favor doing in their leisure time could never be a career. You might think it doesn’t pay enough, it’s not sustainable, people might not respect you or that you might lose interest in the activity over time. These are all just self-designed excuses. Don’t let them hold you back from living your dream.

There are countless people who have transitioned from their current careers into something more fulfilling and rewarding. It may be something you’ve always wanted to do or a side-hustle that turns into a full time gig.

Career Builder recently ran a survey on dream jobs finding that a whopping 70% of employed adults believe having their dream job is possible with 4 in 10 respondents reporting they’ve already found their dream job.

According to Michael Rangel, Founder & C.E.O. Clear Financial, there are a few primary reasons why people won’t chase their dreams:

  • I need to make more money before I launch something of my own.
  • I need more experience before I do something on my own.
  • I need to meet more people to open up the doors before going my own way.

“Stop waiting,” says Rangel. “The time will never be just right. You will never have the right amount of money, knowledge, or connections to start something comfortably. It’s a hard and long road, but if you have the grit it will be the most rewarding journey you will ever experience.”

Isn’t it time you take Rangel’s (and my) advice and start following your dream?

Take time now to start compiling what you are interested in. Not only is it fun and exciting to dream a little dream, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can make it a reality.

Spend a few moments brainstorming a list of all that you are interested in. You might find yourself going back and adding to this list now and again. Some items on the list may also change over time. Remember, this is a brainstorming session, so be open to wherever you may go as you think about all that interests you! After you’ve got a good head start on your brainstorming, complete the questions that follow.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What are my top three interests?
  2. What do I love most about these interests?
  3. Could I see myself working with these interests all day and all week?
  4. What types of careers exist in my interest fields?
  5. Would any of these careers have a strong pull for me?
  6. What would I need to do or learn to be successful in this career?
  7. Could I transition into this career? Now? Later? When?
  8. How could I incorporate one or more of these interests into my current career?
  9. What other ways can I be in and around these areas of interest more often at work or at play?
  10. Who else do I know that shares these interests?
  11. Who can I get to know who shares these interests?
  12. Where can I learn more about this interest and incorporating it more into my work?
  13. What goals do I need to establish for myself in order to bring more of this interest into my life at work or at play?
  14. What will this do for me emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially and professionally?
  15. How dedicated am I to bringing more of what interests me into my professional future?

How to Be Career Happy? Make Your Career Dream A Reality

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