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Don’t Let Emails Run Your Life

Ooh just look—50 email messages! YAY!  But by the time you’re done answering them, three o’clock has arrived. Hey, you’ve been productive right? Well, sort of, not really, uh, that depends. If your job requires answering emails then yes, you’ve nailed it! Otherwise, you’re letting emails run your life. Take your power, your schedule and your life […]

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What Your Personal Brand Says About You

When you think about your brand, what do you visualize? A consummate professional? A wise mentor? A dedicated employee? A motivational inspiration? Or someone who needs a few professional touch-ups? A personal brand is loosely defined as that rare combination of strengths, talents, abilities, experiences, style, and image that sum you up. It’s what people […]

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Build Resiliency

Don’t you wish some days you could toss on your cloak of resiliency and repel any toxicity that may come your way. When you sense trouble ahead, shielding yourself from the impacts of negativity can go a long way to helping you stay healthy and happy, not to mention productive and successful. Toxic behavior can have long lasting effects on everyone. […]

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