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Don’t Underestimate Stellar Customer Service

“That’s not my job.” When I heard these words from a company president in reference to customer service, I was shocked. Seriously? Customer service should be the foundation of all employee’s career success, no matter your position. It should also be the foundation for personal career success. That’s right. Customer service is basically networking in […]

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Deal With It

I recently read an article with the same title: “Deal With It.” It shared the stories of countless individuals who, despite facing cancer, pain, mental and physical limitations and all the accompanying uphill battles, were persevering. They knew the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life. I used to get really annoyed when I […]

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Negotiate To Win

There’s a lot of concern around the idea of hard-core negotiation. Certainly if you’re trying to entice your teenager to clean their room then probably this wouldn’t be the best tactic. But perhaps you’re considering asking for a raise or an enter-point salary. This certainly heightens the priority of winning. Doesn’t it? Many people shy […]

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