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Tough Job Interview Question? Remember Your Three P’s

Everyone faces tough job interview questions now and again. But there are a few queries that provoke a little anxiety in even the most confident of applicants. Why? Because certain questions address topics better served by offering less detailed, and more positive responses. For example, when asked “who was your least favorite supervisor” or “what […]

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Keep These Ten Things In Mind Before Your Interview

When it comes to your next interview, it’s not only important to share your qualifications and answer questions smoothly and succinctly, but project the other key factors that can easily trump credentials such as articulating value, motivation, likability and drive to name a few. I have worked with numerous decision makers who’ve hired “drive” over […]

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Avoid Informational Interviewing Faux Pas

Asking for time with someone to learn is what is known as informational interviewing. While it was probably something you did back in college when you were exploring career opportunities, it’s a practice that should never be abandoned. You’re never too old or too much of an expert (even if you’re the C.E.O.) to conduct […]

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