Be Prepared for the Exploratory Interview

When you meet people for the first time, there is an exploratory process that occurs. Is this person someone you could see spending time with? Are they likable? Do you believe they have something to share or that you could learn from? Will they be of value or interest to you moving forward? When two parties meet, this dance of queries always occurs in order to help both parties determine if there is a connection worth further exploration.

This is what the exploratory interview is all about. You will be asked basic questions, sometimes by a pre-screener, that discern whether or not you’re a good fit and worth bringing in for a full interview. Keep in mind the exploratory interview works both ways. As an applicant, this is also a great time for you to determine whether the organization and job is right for you.

Sometimes informational interviews requested by applicants can be seen as exploratory interviews. These are even better platforms for learning more about the company, culture and position.

How well an exploratory interview will work for you depends on your approach, presentation and the questions that you ask. This isn’t a trial run, it’s a real run. So put forth your best and take advantage of a great opportunity to not only make a positive impression but to also make a smart decision.

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