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Are You A “High-Potential?”

Future leaders of America, I’m talking to you! This is your chance to step up and be seen and yes, be tagged as a “high-potential.” This status doesn’t evolve by chance, but rather by your efforts, successes, reputation and value. The Corporate Leadership Council found that 75% of companies in the U.S. see “the development […]

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Are You In The Right Career?

Sometimes life moves quicker than we’d expected and next thing you know, a career is more like a job—something that simply pays the bills. Too often the idea of career change is abandoned because of the fear of change or the perceived risks involved in the change. Yes, those are exponentially diminished in coaching. Still, […]

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The Follow Up for Career Advancement

One thing that probably makes the biggest impact on career advancement is follow up. Follow up can mean many things, but in career language, it’s all about effort—touching base after a meeting, keeping promises, giving thanks to others and extending the offer to help. Touching Base. When the face-to-face meeting ends, communication should continue. An interview, conference, […]

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