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5 Ways to Help Your Network Help You

Why are we more than happy to help out others, but not willing to ask for help when in need?  Probably because we feel that by asking, we’re putting someone in an uncomfortable position. This is one of the reasons (or excuses) people use to avoid networking. Think about the last time someone came to you for help. […]

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Two Things Everyone Wants to Know When Networking

Over 70% of career opportunities result from networking. Over 73% of promotions result from establishing a strong connection with the decision maker. The fact is, you need to network in order to grow your career! But if networking seems disingenuous or discomforting in anyway, it’s time to change your approach. Start with the basics: Two […]

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Career Coaching on Conference Strategy

Professional development is always important when growing your career. Still, it’s important to invest your time and money in a program where you’ll learn, apply what you’ve learned and make valuable connections. Conferences hit all three of these goals. Unfortunately, many professionals liken conferences to a mini vacation and don’t take advantage of this prime […]

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