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Avoid These Career Faux Pas

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t get at least five or more requests for job search assistance. I also get lots of requests to “glance over resumes” or for “referrals to my network.” As much as I love helping people succeed, these requests are not from paying clients but from complete strangers or […]

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Tough Interview Question: What Are Your Top Skills?

Eventually, you’re going to be asked about your top skills in an interview. In addition to strengths, an employer needs to know the “hard” qualifications that prove you can do the job without a lot of training. A fairly simple and straightforward response can get muddled when you think of this as a tough interview […]

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Career Coaching on Conference Strategy

Professional development is always important when growing your career. Still, it’s important to invest your time and money in a program where you’ll learn, apply what you’ve learned and make valuable connections. Conferences hit all three of these goals. Unfortunately, many professionals liken conferences to a mini vacation and don’t take advantage of this prime […]

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