Career Coaching for Career Happiness

If you’re wondering whether or not you are in the right career, you might also be wondering if there’s something better that will make you happier, more productive, challenged and engaged. But is a new career the right answer and if so, might the transition be draining and scary?

Though you’re feeling a little restless, please know that a career change is not your only option, but it’s certainly worth considering. Working with a career coach will give you the motivation, enthusiasm and confidence to comfortably explore all career options before making any big decision to change or even to stay. As a team we need to be sure that you’ve tapped into all that your current career has to offer before you make a move. If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. In career coaching we often explore and implement at least three neatly, overlapping career-enhancement strategies that’ll give you clarity and direction and make your life a lot easier. Career coaching for career happiness, transition and advancement are three targeted objectives that we pursue at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

So, if you’re thinking about a change, thoughtfully consider the following 25 statements and whether they ring “true” or “untrue” as they apply to your current work situation. If you mark any as “untrue” give me a call and let’s get started career coaching for career happiness today!

Career Happiness Statements.

  1. I learn something new at work everyday
  2. I seek out opportunities to learn something new
  3. I enjoy learning something new
  4. I feel that I contribute to my workplace regularly
  5. I have opportunities, or make opportunities, to contribute.
  6. I get a long with others at work
  7. I give my best forward everyday
  8. My work is meaningful
  9. My supervisor supports me
  10. I smile a lot at work
  11. I feel positive
  12. I’m challenged in a good way everyday
  13. I always make a little time for myself everyday
  14. I look forward to going to work
  15. I often feel “in the flow” at work
  16. The amount of work I have is optimal
  17. My creative contributions and ideas are encouraged at work
  18. I know how to manage any stress
  19. I’m enthused about my career path
  20. I know there will be opportunities for growth at my workplace
  21. I have a network of colleagues in and out of the work place support my career
  22. I have identified things that motivate me to do a good job at work
  23. I do something regularly to prepare me for my next career move
  24. I’m actively building my network
  25. I have a current and polished career portfolio that is ready to share with others.


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