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Tough Job Interview Question? Remember Your Three P’s

Everyone faces tough job interview questions now and again. But there are a few queries that provoke a little anxiety in even the most confident of applicants. Why? Because certain questions address topics better served by offering less detailed, and more positive responses. For example, when asked “who was your least favorite supervisor” or “what […]

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Career Coaching For Employee Engagement

Did you know that a hiring a career coach can increase organizational productivity and profit? According to Forbes magazine, “Numerous studies have proved there’s a direct correlation between high impact coaching and performance improvement.” Much of my work week is spent inside organizations coaching team members on how to build career happiness. Though I’m hired to […]

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Career Power Fueled By Nature

It’s a fact that when people take frequent breaks from work to spend time outdoors they’re more productive. It’s also proven that plants and windows stimulate creativity and positive emotions. Straight line—nature fuels career power. Enough said. Now, let’s add mindfulness to this equation. Mindfulness in nature rockets career power. I’m certainly no Einstein but […]

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