Career Planning Can Build You Great Wealth!

Did you know that with a little planning you can be a millionaire? It’s true. In Tom Corley’s book Rich Habits, he’s outlined the results of his years of study of the most common millionaire behaviors. What’s exciting to see is that planning (including career planning) is one of these wealth-building habits. But Corley’s millionaires are not the only wealthy success stories that result from career planning.

A study of Harvard MBA students regarding their career success as it relates to goal setting, proved that having clearly articulated, measurable and written goals leads to success. The study, cited in an article by Ashley Feinstein in Forbes, demonstrated that the 3% of the MBA students who had written down clear goals for their future “were earning, on average 10 times as much as the other 97% of the class combined!” If that isn’t enough to inspire goal planning then I don’t know what is.

So how do you develop a career plan that builds wealth? Start by determining where you want to be the end of next year then work backwards, looking at how you can break down that big goal into smaller, more reachable, yet exciting monthly goals. As a career coach, I often help my clients create a plan that is achievable and keeps them motivated. Still, once the plan is designed they need to keep working on it in order to build wealth. But before you start cashing in your millions, take some time to put pen to paper and answer the following questions. If you struggle with any of them, give me a call. We’ll start a career plan that can build you great wealth!

1.     Where do you want to be professionally by the end of this year?

2.     Are you positioning yourself to take advantage of key opportunities?

3.     Have you been making the connections you need to make?

4.     Are you focusing on what’s essential?

5.     Will your goals inspire you to take action?

6.     What do you need to do to achieve them?

7.     What do you need to let go of?

8.     Who can help you start on your goals and stay on track?

9.     Who can you work with to keep you motivated?

10.  How can you enjoy the journey?

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