Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years Interview Question Tips

An interview can really test your mettle, especially when you’re asked to predict your professional future in 6 months, one and five years. Whew! You’re not a psychic, so how are you supposed to answer that question? To help you craft your answer, here are some Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years interview question tips.

Don’t be a job hopper. Once you’ve convinced them you can do the job, it’s time to show them you’re here to stay. Not only are millions of dollars lost each year in employee turnover, hiring managers don’t relish the process of recruiting, rehiring, retraining and re-onboarding a replacement. They want to find someone who will stay so reinforce your interest in a long-term career. If your career portfolio reflects “job-hopping” you’ll need to thoughtfully address this, possibly as part of your reason for exploring this ideal opportunity.

Don’t be too forthcoming. Even if you hope to be living in Europe in five years, your answer should be somewhat vague, yet goal driven. Growing, learning, taking on new challenges and building on new opportunities are all accurate assessments of your future intent. Coupling this with your specific career plan in generalities, is the best approach to this question. Who knows, if you prove yourself worthy the company may choose transfer you to Europe on their own dime.

Don’t be a threat. So you want to be CEO of the firm? It’s a great goal to have but might come across a little threatening (and possibly unrealistic) to present in the interview. Also, it won’t bode well if the interviewer feels that you’re out to steal their job. This is why honing your interviewing skills is so important. Your best approach is to focus on the impact you plan to make so you’ll be pegged as a superstar and in the long run, be rewarded for your efforts

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