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Be Prepared for the Exploratory Interview

When you meet people for the first time, there is an exploratory process that occurs. Is this person someone you could see spending time with? Are they likable? Do you believe they have something to share or that you could learn from? Will they be of value or interest to you moving forward? When two […]

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Interview Questions to Ask Employers

While considering potential interview questions, you’ll also want to think about a few to ask. Formulating the right queries can be challenging because there are answers you want, but certain questions you shouldn’t ask. While we carefully craft the precise balance of information gathering and positive impression questions as part of the career coaching process, […]

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Crafting Good Interview Questions for Candidates

Recruiters often ask me what some of my favorite interview questions are. This harkens me back to my days as a human resources manager where much of my time was spent recruiting contractors and managers for a consulting firm. Because the firm had multiple temporary assignments, recruiting was ongoing and needed to produce great results. […]

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