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Avoid Work Perk Distractions

As crazy as this sounds, I have a client company that is struggling with employees spending so much time and energy in their work perks that they’ve noticed a huge dip in productivity. What once was designed to fully engage and spike motivation and productivity has caused a reverse effect. This organization is discovering that […]

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Don’t Let Emails Run Your Life

Ooh just look—50 email messages! YAY!  But by the time you’re done answering them, three o’clock has arrived. Hey, you’ve been productive right? Well, sort of, not really, uh, that depends. If your job requires answering emails then yes, you’ve nailed it! Otherwise, you’re letting emails run your life. Take your power, your schedule and your life […]

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Let Go, Terminated, Downsized or Fired? It’s Time For A Comeback

The empty office. It was once yours. What happened? Or better yet, what’s next? No matter what you call it, the process of being severed from the workplace is never easy to navigate. Still, you can rise from the ashes like a phoenix if you so choose. It all comes down to persistence and perspective. […]

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