Don’t Waste Your Summer Fridays Off Looking For A Job

Now this is certainly a tough dilemma. You deserve your summer Fridays to spend doing what you love and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. But you’re in the midst of a job search which means every minute counts.

What people don’t realize is that recruiters and organizations are hungry for applicants all year long. It’s not seasonal. So if you’re hoping to make a job transition, don’t use summer as an excuse to procrastinate, but neither should you waste your summer Fridays off looking for a job.

Instead I recommend compromise. Use what time you can during the week to make headway and if you absolutely must, make the most of Friday mornings so you still have time for fun. Try these three steps to get serious progress on your job search with less time commitment, especially on your summer Fridays off.

  1. First, develop a really strong portfolio that you feel confident in and can share in a moments’ notice. You need to have this anyway, especially if you plan to continue to advance your career.
  2. Second, design an aggressive goal-infused job search plan that spans all the elements of a solid search. If you hit or exceed your numbers and goals that you set for yourself before Friday morning, then you have time for yourself. But also expect that Fridays may be used for interviewing when the opportunity arises.
  3. Finally, change your perspective. You’re not trading your time off for a job search, you’re investing time in your career progress. The trick is to be disciplined and look at everything you do as progress, not waste. You’re learning, you’re growing, you’re networking, honing your brand and articulating your value. All of this work will reap rewards. The results may look different than what you first envisioned, but if you adopt a positive perspective and you stay true to your plan, you will get results.

How to Be Career Happy? Don’t Waste Your Summer Fridays Off Looking For A Job

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