Five Ways to Gain Killer Confidence

The number one thing we all struggle with is confidence. Truth be told, it’s not really a struggle with confidence, it’s a struggle with invoking your confidence. It’s already within you. Confidence lies somewhere between self-defeat and arrogance. It’s the happy medium that when found, invites you to walk up to the podium, sail through an interview, ask the tough questions and make your dreams a reality.

While I appreciate my clients telling me “I gave them the confidence” they needed, I can’t accept that as a truth. They, like me, and you, have the confidence already to make any dream a reality. All I did was help them flip the switch.

Now it’s your turn.

Here are five ways to flip the switch and gain killer confidence:


  1. Acknowledge your wins. Journal about everything that you’ve accomplished in your career and life and reflect on it frequently. This isn’t a brag list. It’s a gentle way to remind you that you have achieved so much already and that you’re poised to do it again.
  2. Accept your kudos. When others applaud your efforts, don’t act coy or dismiss this valuable kindness. Instead, thank them and make note of it in your journal. These kudos (and there will be many) will provide you with the external affirmation you may need from time to time to reaffirm you’re on the right track.
  3. Apply your strengths. When you have the opportunity to see your strengths in action, your confidence will soar. Don’t ignore these moments as simply “doing your job” but rather as opportunities to see your gifts in action. There’s something very powerful and confidence boosting when you understand your career purpose. I invite you to take a glimpse of this routinely by seeing your strengths at work.
  4. Assist others in need. When you give to others, you will be blessed. Confidence will also soar. Think about how good it feels when you help others feel good about themselves. Whether you’re volunteering or mentoring someone you work with, helping another will give you an instant hit of confidence whenever you need it. I have a fun (and coaching secret) exercise that I challenge my clients with on this very point, and I welcome the opportunity to share it with you. When you formulate this practice of assisting others, there’s a win-win for everyone.
  5. Act now even if you’re not ready. There are many people who believe you have to have everything in order and perfectly rehearsed before you take the first step. If you’re working with me as your coach, you know that I challenge you regularly with bold and imperfect action. Why? Because killer confidence is birthed when you give anything a try. It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to go a different direction, but if you don’t act now, you’ll never feel the gift of killer confidence.

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