Build Resiliency

Don’t you wish some days you could toss on your cloak of resiliency and repel any toxicity that may come your way. When you sense trouble ahead, shielding yourself from the impacts of negativity can go a long way to helping you stay healthy and happy, not to mention productive and successful.

Toxic behavior can have long lasting effects on everyone.

Yes, though they may not show it, even the strongest feel pain. But this kind of hurt brought on by rejection, negative remarks, gossip, anger or spite is something we can learn to repel. The secret already lies within us. It’s called “resiliency” and it’s a muscle we need to build.

It starts with a shift in perspective to a more positive outlook. First, know that you’ll never change that person, you can only change the way you react. Next, delve into their psyche and try to figure out the root of their negativity. Your perspective will shift again. They’ll seem less vicious and in need of compassion. They are frightened, perhaps of you or something else, and they are lashing out in attempts to regain control. (Yes, we’ve all been there!)

Still, that fear is what bubbles up in toxic behavior to others. If you try adjusting your reaction to one of gentle avoidance or even positive support, their bitterness will slowly wane. It may take several attempts at not reacting and offering compassion, but you WILL see results. And these new self taught habits will help you build resilience.

And finally, you’ve heard me say it before, just let it go. The more you practice gentle empathy and letting go of toxicity, the stronger you will become. This is how to build resiliency that will increase the longevity of your career and life!

How To Be Career Happy? Build Resiliency

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